Baccarat varieties

In addition to the classic version, there are several other types of Baccarat The rules remain the same in all versions, but some conditions change:

  • The number of decks - from 1 to 8;
  • The number of participants - up to 14 people at one table;
  • The distribution and rules of redemption, the issuance of a third card, payout limits and casino commissions;
  • Dealer can be both a professional dealer and one of the players;
  • The design of the gaming table and markup.

Also widespread specific games with their own rules:

  • Macau - refers not only to a territorial unit, but also to the card game Baccarat. It involves two decks, betting only on the banker. Moreover, he wins even with an equal number of points and cards, and the player gets his winnings only if the points are equal with a smaller number of cards in hand. The decision on the third card is at the discretion of the gambler;
  • Chermin De fer - aka "iron", here one of the participants becomes a banker, takes bets and passes them around. When the trade ends, four cards are dealt - two each to the dealer and the player, points are calculated;
  • Super 6 - differs in the special status of sixes, if the equality in points stops at this value, the player receives not a full bet, but only half. Here the game is on the side of the casino.


Baccarat is a fascinating game of chance, which can bring considerable profit, entertain guests and raise the mood. The main thing is to control emotions, excitement, to allocate a clear fixed amount to play, do not lose your head from victories and failures. We wish you good luck playing at the casino Joker Monarch, you will find a wide range of games, a pleasant atmosphere and the opportunity to break a solid amount of baccarat.