Blackjack Etiquette and Manners

Blackjack EtiquetteBlackjack is similar to all other human activities. There are certain rituals and etiquette related to the game of Blackjack. In this section we shall outline the appropriate etiquette and manners to be observed at the blackjack table. The blackjack odds are easy to learn, the most important is to apply the knowledge./p>

  • As a spectator you should watch the game from a fair distance so as not to interfere with player's concentration into the game.
  • If you are unaware of the rules of the game, always try to find out a free table where you can play alone and try learning it by yourself. It is very important the game is not held up without any reason.
  • Don't forget to tip your dealer once in a while, especially when you are winning. The best way of tipping the dealer is to place a bet from her side. For doing this, you need to just place one additional bet anywhere outside your circle of betting but in dealer's direction.
  • Never touch the cards when dealt face up. You can touch the cards only in case of face-down game.
  • Avoid taking drinks at the table if you can't avoid spilling it. Also, while people are holding back for you at the table, you must avoid getting drunk or order for drinks.
  • Avoid talking excessively as most people are out there to play and not chat. Especially, you should avoid pointing out the mistakes of other players or hint anyone how to play.
  • The dealer's work is to give advice on strategy as and when required. So, never try pestering the dealer for his advice.

Signals Etiquette at 21 Hands:

Most of your decisions at the blackjack table are conveyed to the dealer by hand signals. There are different hand signals for playing the face up game or face down game.

Face Up Game:

  • Hitting - Simply point towards your cards.
  • Standing - Keeping parallel to table, wave your hand above your cards.
  • Splitting and/or Doubling - Place the second betting NEXT TO your master bet. Never place you second betting on top of the master bet.

Face Down Game:

  • Hitting - You should scrape the table lightly with your hand.
  • Standing - Place your cards beneath your bet.
  • Splitting and/or Doubling - Place your second bet next to the master bet by turning your cards face up.