Blackjack Odds

The Blackjack odds are percent figures that represent your chances of winning or losing a hand. They can also present the profit margins of the casinos or the house edge as well. Normally the probability odds are not much meaningful in short term, but these odds intelligibly average out in long term. This is the reason because of which the casinos mostly win over in the long term.

Blackjack Odds

We decided to prepare some charts and tables of most commonly occurring blackjack odds for different situations and scenarios encountered while playing the game of blackjack. The most significant odds percentage constitutes the dealer's profit in the game of blackjack. This is a long term benefit that they have and this will finally take away your money. In fact Blackjack is the most popular game played in the casinos as it has some lowest odds over the other casino games with the only exception of casino craps. In general their edge varies from 1% to 15% depending on the type of blackjack game you are playing. Also you should not forget that following blackjack etiquette will help you in making good profit.

Method of Beating Casino House Odds:

The one characteristic that makes the game of blackjack more desirable in comparison to any other game played in casino is that there is in reality a way of beating the edge of the house by magnifying your odds. Your favourable odds in the game of blackjack can in fact be increased to a point where you can actually continue making profit over a long term, essentially converting the casino into your personal ATM. This method is called Card Counting which is highly disliked by the casinos as they know that they will surely be losing their money by this method.

You should learn the basic strategy of blackjack before you start practising card counting. This is mathematically the correct procedure of playing each move in blackjack so as to have the favourable odds. This can cut down the edge of the house even to a point lower than 1%. When this percentage touches a negative value like -1%, then none other than you is going to have an edge competing over the casino. At this point of success you complement the blackjack basic strategy along with card counting for achieving the highest efficiency.

Odds vs. Dealer up Card

The 1st odds chart exhibits the type of advantage a player gets over the dealer is based on the figure shown by his up card. There are three columns in the chart. First column exhibits the value of dealer up card after the dealing of the cards. The second column shows the dealer's chance to go bust on the basis of each card. The third column of the chart depicts the advantages the player may have and his chances of winning the game based on the theory of basic strategy. As it is evident from the table below, if the dealer up card shows 5 then his chances of going bust is about 43% and the player's advantage is about 23%. It is worth noting that as the 10 & Ace cards start showing up, the advantage of the player goes negative which means that there are more chances of player to lose the game. MIT Team developed many signs of telling information to each other and the following table was a piece of cake for them.

Dealer Up CardDealer's Odds of BustingPlayer's Advantage Percent

Odds of Busting in Blackjack When Taking a Hit

The following chart exhibits the probabilities of busting after a hit. The term Busting means that the total of your card would exceed 21 points along with being a hard total. When initially dealt with two cards your highest scoring should be 21 so that you never have a chance of busting. This implies that if you take a hit on hard 21 then your chances of going bust is 100%. Also, if your card total is 11 points or lower then it is not at all possible to reach a total of 21 points or more in the next hit & thus your odds of busting will be 0%.

Total Hand ValueProbability of Going Bust
11 or less0%