Know More about Blackjack

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The blackjack rules are easily understood by the players. It's one of the casino game played with cards where you can enjoy and have lots of fun. This game is also referred as "21" because the aim of the players in this game is to get closer to 21 points but not above it. And to win, you need to achieve higher than the dealer as well. To start the game, the player needs to place his bet after the dealer and the player gets 2 cards with its face up. As mentioned above, as per the blackjack rules if the player gets higher than the dealer and close to 21 points, then he wins the entire bet amount. Also, in case the dealer's points exceed 21, and the player is still below it, then he wins the bet amount. But, if the player exceeds 21, then he loses the bet.

To avoid counting of cards every time, blackjack is played with 6 packs of cards. The cards are ruffled only after a particular count of hands. If the total value of two of the cards of dealer is 17 or less than that, then he needs to keep drawing cards. However, this is not the case with player and he can stop if he wants. To double the chances of playing a specific hand, the player has the right to split those cards, which possess same value while dealing. In such cases, just one card is given out for split aces.

Following the blackjack tips and rules, the value of cards from 2-10 is the respective face value of the card. All the face cards have a fixed value of 10. And, the aces have either a value of 1 or 11, decided upon the benefit of the player. The cards' suit does not matter at all in this game.

Brief description about players bets, actions and buttons

When we talk about bet, the players do it as they want by selecting the chip value. "Deal" is pressed to initiate the game and to receive 2 cards along with the dealer. The players go for "Hit", before standing, if they want deal another card. "Stand" is opted when the player does not want to get extra cards. According to the blackjack rules "Split" is practiced by players when the 2 dealt cards are same. They put it into 2 different hands by making a 2nd bet of an equivalent value over the 2nd card set. Then, the player can continue withdrawing cards in a normal manner. "Double" is used by the players when they are finished dealing with the 2 cards as they think that this 3rd card will alone get them to a winning position ultimately. Hence, they double the bet dealing with just one additional card, completing dealer's hand.

The term "Blackjack" is declared when the total points become 21 just after dealing the first 2 cards. It is called "Bust" when the player or the dealer gets a total score above 21. However, if their score is equal ranging between 17 and 21, then it leads to "Push" wherein neither of them wins and the bet made by the player is returned. If the player pushes the "Surrender" button, both dealer and player gets 50% each, but this is applicable for only first 2 consecutive cards. The player might go for "Insurance" if he is sure that the dealer has blackjack. If this comes true, the player is paid half the amount of bet as insurance. Otherwise, he loses this insurance and a comparison is made between the player's and the dealer's card to settle down the bet. In order to be successful you should find and apply your winning blackjack strategy.

You need to have a prior knowledge and an in-depth understanding of all the blackjack rules before you try your hands on it.