Cheating as a lifestyle

lifestyle cheating

Hey, you! Meet the best cheater in the world - Alejandro the Great! This site is a kind of autobiographic story of my gambling experience. I like to cheat when playing and I don't afraid to be caught, as I know this won't happen. Do you think I'm too bumptious? I'm not. I'm just the best cheater. If you want to check this out, just keep reading my website and get to know my way of gambling.

I'm skilled in many card games techniques and have won in many online casinos by playing blackjack online. You will never find out my real name as I have many enemies and so called "friends" wanting to peach on me. I'm always online to help cheaters and laugh at righteous gamblers. Do you still want to join my site?

The name of the best casinos is always heard by a wide audience of gambling users. You can find a lot of reviews about them on the forums where the work of game portals is discussed.

A day at the beach is relaxing, and it can be even more relaxing if you can play some casino games while you soak up the sun. And with the iPhone casino, you can! You can also visit the All Slots Casino website and play anywhere and anytime.

Online gambling is perfect for all players, but not all of the old school gamblers are ready to change the place of playing for more modern one. Although, if they did, they could find more games for playing and even bonuses in form of free spins. It goes without saying that they would love them! Besides, players from all countries are welcome to play online! Still, there are some casinos which give preference for visitors from some particular regions, for example, casino golden cherry accepts US players, and there are places which provide gambling services for players from Canada online! So don’t forget to check this information before you create an account at certain casino.

One of the best solutions for all online players is playing games for free. It does not matter how experienced you are, with free games you can always feel comfortable. Probably one of the best resources for that is - fun and free casino games offered for all site visitors. When you have a good choice of games to play, you can always be sure that you will find something that will be good for you. For example, you can develop your own strategy of playing and follow it whenever you play real money games.

If you are brave enough to cheat the casino, I hope you’ve decided to stay with me. My main rule is simple – never get caught How to do that? This you will find at the pages of I’ve started my gambling being rather uneducated player. I’ve just read some ruled of this game and started to make bets. It was my mistake. Blackjack is not that game, where you can rely upon you luck and learn nothing. Blackjack is all about your skills and ability to think and react quickly. Never give up learning and you will be successful as I am. First thing you should know about any online casino is the software they use. Not all of it is is equally safe and reliable. Microgaming casino software is the best made on the web and has been so for quite some time. This is the preferred software used by the As a player, you have the right to know what casino software company is making the games that you play online roulette 77 and causing you to win money.

Playing blackjack without using strategies is such a nonsense that I laugh loudly when I hear that someone does like that. If you want to be a game loser – keep playing without strategies. But if you want to win and make really huge money, learn how to play blackjack. The first thing you need to do is to get acquainted with game basics. Read the rules attentive and remember some important things, like what means hit and what is stand. Then after that find a place to play. Do not also forget to learn blackjack etiquette and tips! The more you know – to more you win. And now you are ready to the most interesting part of blackjack gambling – card counting. Yes, it is difficult to count cards and not to be caught. But it is the best way to be always in win. And, in fact, it is the most effective strategy. It is used not only by me, but also by the best players of blackjack – MIT team. I won’t tell you want connect me with them and probably it will be the only secret which I won’t reveal you at pages of this site…

  Casinos US Bonuses Scoring
1 Online Vegas Casino Online Vegas Casino 225% $600 100
2 Club USA Casino
Club USA Casino
125% $700 100
3 Rushmore Casino
Rushmore Casino
250% $600 90
4 Las Vegas USA Casino
Las Vegas USA Casino
200% $600 90
5 Slots Plus USA Casino
Slots Plus USA Casino
150% $300 85
6 Rome Casino
Rome Casino
100% $125 70
7 English Harbour Casino
English Harbour Casino
200% $900 65
8 Sloto'Cash Casino
Sloto'Cash Casino
300% $200 60