Website Privacy

The privacy policy shows how BlackjackDao treats any personal information that it gets about its users whenever they visit BlackjackDao.

The Services

BlackjackDao publishes various other online websites with separate policies and might be accessible through these services' links. These services might also come with third party links with their own personal privacy policies. Keep in mind that whenever you visit other sites, even if you visit from links found on these services, the privacy policy will not apply. If you want to read several other privacy policies of BlackjackDao, contact us.

Information We Collect

Whenever you sign up for a membership or any other benefits, we collect your personal information, which might include your full name, address, credit card details and e-mail address, as well as various other information like your age, your computer information, occupation, investing habits and the like. However, we don't consciously gather children's personal information under 13 years of age.

How We Use Information Collected

This is how we might use the collected information:

  • For purposes that you specifically gave the information for, perhaps to verify, process and validate your latest registration.
  • To offer you e-mail notifications regarding your transactions or accounts and to get in touch with you otherwise with information which might interest you.
  • To let you know about our special offers, products and services and those of advertisers.
  • To develop or enhance services, features and products.
  • To give third parties and advertisers aggregate information regarding our usage patterns and user base.
  • To customize the advertising and content that you see based on your personal preferences or characteristics.

Except if specifically stated by this policy, your personal information will not be shared with those outside of the website of BlackjackDao without telling you while gathering your personal information.